Saturday, March 10, 2012

קיום מצות עד דלא ידע

On the holy day of Purim yidden are commanded to intoxicate ourselves to the extent that we no longer know the difference between "boruch Mordechai and oror Haman". The chiyuv simply understood is to drink alcoholic beverages (according to certain dayoos specifically wine) at the Purim seudah. Since it is well known the many dangers of alcohol both for our bodily health and the risks in chas veshalom slacking off in our service of the Ribono Shel Olam, the Razal offer another way to fulfill ones chiuv. The Razal teach us that one who can not safely drink alcohol should refrain from doing so, and go to sleep, and still fufill the chiyuv, because when one sleeps the thinking part of the brain does not function, thus he in essence at that time does not know the difference between Mordechai and Haman. (Obviously it is necessarily to sleep a shiur zman that he is deep enough to not be thinking...)
A difficulty may arise if one sleeps the morning of Purim after alos hashacar. Being that even though lechatchila the chiuv of seudah and therefore ad delo yoda starts after chatzot hayom one can bediaved be yotzei starting from alos. Thus when one does not wake up until after alos he may have bediaved been yotzei the chiuv of ad dlo yoda and when he will go to sleep later on he will be wasting time on this holy day (of purim) which is meant to be spent being mikayim the mitzvos of the day, and filled with limud hatorah. So much more so if he (at the advice of gedolim and his rabbanim) chooses to be mikayim the chiuv through drinking alcohol. If he was mikayim his chiyuv already by sleeping in the morning its mamash assur to engage in such actions! It's not a yiddish'a thing to drink if the chiuv was already fulfilled. Therefore I feel that the best way to avoid this issue is to be gibur al yitzro and awaken before olos hashacar on Purim.

Footnote: this whole issue only applies if we paskan that "mitzvos aino tzrichas kavana" .


  1. "lechatchila the chiuv of seudah and therefore ad delo yoda starts after chatzot hayom"

    What's the source? Doesn't start with sunrise?

  2. a simple iluy from baltimore, yeshivasner yishmoelMarch 12, 2012 at 5:19 PM

    duuuude this sounds ridiculous for a few reasons. it doesnt say go to sleep instead of drinking it says "drink and then go to sleep" also this is for someone who gets voilent while drunk. not "another way to fullfill without drinking!
    the razal didnt make mitzvos to find loopholes. it is a mitzvah to drink! so drink! g-d created the mitzvah and the alchohol and no mitzvah should be stopped b/c g-d made a unhealthy mitzvah wich doesnt make sense to you.
    remember! you are a simple creation and you dont know the purpose of mitzvos! not just chukim, but eidiyos and mishpotim too! have a little bitul and admit you cant start "reforming the old torah" who's outdated law of drinking is dangerous! maybe we shouldnt kill mekalel oviv v'imo? maybe its not socially exceptable! well wrong if there is 2 eidim and a beis din that is authorised to do so they must! stop being embarrased of torah! start being proud to do ALL the mitzvos to the fullest!
    be a chosid! "lifnim mishuras hadin" not a bedieved jew! bedieved torah! bediaved alive! bedieved dead!
    be real emes! get a life! through torah!!


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